Is Howard Stern NBC’s Choice to Replace a Moving-Up Fallon?

Earlier this week, word got out that NBC was preparing for a succession plan that would move Jay Leno out of The Tonight Show (uh, once again) and replace him with Jimmy Fallon. The question, then — well, one of the questions, once all the “Do we have the strength as a culture to go through another Late-Night War?” feelings were expressed — becomes who would replace Fallon on Late Night? Linda Stasi at the New York Post says NBC is thinking Howard Stern.

Stern stepped in as a judge on NBC’s America’s Got Talent last summer, to much fanfare, and according to the Post, it’s all part of a strategy to make Stern palatable to TV viewers, in preparation for a move to something like Late Night.

Howard has been trying to show TV suits for years that he’s the whole package — as opposed to the one he talks about on the radio. He’s shown — on “AGT,” one of the most popular family shows on TV — that he can act like a grown-up and play well with others, if the money is right.

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