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    No move a good move for

    Hood's take: The Bulls need to stay healthy and gain chemistry going into the playoffs. I don't know if Hamilton has enough in the tank to be consistant on offense each night when healthy.

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    Numbers don’t add up for impact

    The problem for the Bulls is that most of their salary cap space is tied up in four players: Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah and Luol Deng

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    We’re Playing Basketball

    So for the past few months my blogs have been few and far between I attempted to write but the passion was lacking. Then Sunday morning I woke up to a text saying what I have been waiting to hear for months “the lockout is […]

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    James, Bosh, Wade carry Heat over Bulls,

    Referee Bennett Salvatore called James for an offensive foul with 8 seconds left, saying Ronnie Brewer beat him to the spot as the two-time MVP tried to back down the right side of the lane.

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  • Chicago-Bulls

    When It All Implodes

    All season I have believed in the Bulls ability to make it to the championship and possibly win it but this series against Miami has exposed some of the major concerns I have had about this team. The Bulls played so poorly as a team […]

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    Chris Bosh scores 34 points as Miami Heat beat Chicago Bulls in Game 4

    "I had an aggressive game one, game two was so-so, but we still won. But out here on the home floor I just wanted to be aggressive and it turned out to be a good game."

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    What Me Worry? Nope

    For those of you who may have forgotten this is what playoff basketball looks like. The Bulls are involved in a series and this is what happens. Teams fight hard

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    Boo’s For Boozer

    So the popular thing to do now is to bash Carlos Boozer. Being a Carlos is Chicago has to be hard. Zambrano gets it whenever he has one of his blow up. Quentin gets it whenever he goes into one of his super slumps and […]

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  • DerrickRose

    Bulls back in second

    Rose will get plenty of time to rest his sprained left ankle. He played 30 minutes on Tuesday with the injury, scoring 25 points, including 12 in the third quarter

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    Derrick Rose Doesn’t Deserve the MVP, Really????

    [ One thing that amazes me is when I hear people who are considered to be smart sports people making completely dumb sports statements. Some writers will pick an opposite side of popular belief and write a piece that they really do not believe but […]

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    Not So UnbelievaBULL

    When you think championship caliber NBA teams what are the first team names you think of? For mist people outside of the Chicago area the Bulls are usually way down on the list.   They usually make excuses like “they have not been through the […]

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    Old School New School

    “Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future.” I have always loved this quote but sometimes revisiting the past can give you hope for the future. During Saturday’s celebration of the 90-91 Bulls got me […]

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