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  • Under the Hood 2/4/14 by: Jonathan Hood

    Under the Hood 2/4/14 by: Jonathan Hood

    However, I do think it's compelling that Coach Thibs wants Joakim Noah to stay in control, when Thibs is screaming "Jesus F**king Christ" to the officials on every other play since he's coached here.

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  • Under the Hood with Jonathan Hood 1/1/14

    Under the Hood with Jonathan Hood 1/1/14

    I hope that you rang in the new year safe and sound to start 2014. I wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you thank you.

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  • orlando_woolridge_bulls

    Under the Hood- 6/1/12- by: Jonathan Hood

    Under the Hood- 6/1/12- by: Jonathan Hood   I hope that your weekend is great!   Just a random thoughts crossed my mind this week:   * First of all, I received a facebook message from Vito Thomaselli. The name didn’t ring a bell at […]

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  • gabrielle-union-whoa!

    Under the Hood- 4/22/12 by:Jonathan Hood

    Hood's take: Read the Blog

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  • Kentucky women

    Under the Hood- by: Jonathan Hood

    Under the Hood- 4/4/12 by: Jonathan Hood       What’s up everybody? I hope you are doing well. I am back from New Orleans and had a blast being at the Final 4. I really enjoy the assignment each year to go to a […]

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  • Lin doing work

    Under the Hood- 2/16/12 by: Jonathan Hood

    Under the Hood 2/16/12 by: Jonathan Hood   * This time last week I was sick as a dog.  I had to be pulled off the air because management felt that I my voice wasn’t up to my normal standards, they were right.  It was […]

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  • martin-luther-king-jr-

    Under the Hood – 1/16/12

    Defense, rebounding and someone to help Derrick Rose score the ball are major keys in determining if the Bulls get to the next level in the playoffs this year and those vets should dig deeper and play at a higher level every game

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  • ninobrown..sam hurd....

    Under the Hood 12/15/11 by: Jonathan Hood

    You are professional football player making millions of dollars. Why reportedly sell drugs? Based on the information that continues to come in, it was like football was his part-time job and selling drugs was his primary vocation.

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  • Watch the fight at All-Stars

    Under the Hood- ‘Vegas Baby Vegas!’

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  • Much Sexier than Rihanna- Sanaa Lathan

    Under the Hood- 10/19/11 by: Jonathan Hood

    One would think that you would exude class and keep your body covered from time to time in order to be considered sexy- but I could be wrong. I have 25 other ladies in mind before I think about Rihanna...Sanaa Lathan?

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  • D. Hawks

    Under the Hood- 5/13/11- by: Jonathan Hood

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  • Ugh.

    Under the Hood – 5/4/11- by: Jonathan Hood

    It is irksome to see the Sox be so careless defensively and how the lineup changes so frequently based on a series of losses. I don't grow tired of seeing him as the manager, I do grow tired of the mundane baseball played by his team. The team is letting Ozzie down.

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