Under the Hood 1/4/11- by: Jonathan Hood

Under the Hood
by: Jonathan Hood

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* The Bears have scored a playoff berth.

That is something that I thought that I would never write for the 2010 season. I thought the Bears personnel looked more like 7-9, but I was wrong and so were a lot of people and fans that are in the prediction business.

Lovie Smith, by default, from a coaching record standpoint, is one of the best head coaches that the Bears have ever had. That’s stunning, but it’s true.

The biggest question is: How good would the Bears be as a franchise if they had an aggressive General Manager that can generally manage a football team for the present and the future?

In the NFL, you have to win with established veteran players and also keep your eyes open for younger talent at the same time.

In this rough sport, any teams prize possession can be injured on any given play, so depth has to be key.

Many good organizations in the NFL can replenish talent easily by being smart in the NFL Draft and savvy in free agency- as long as there is a consistent system in place.

Angelo hasn’t mastered the art of building his team through the draft, especially early draft picks.

Now that the Bears are in the playoffs, I have no idea how long they will last.

What scares me most about the Bears in the playoffs is Mike Martz, the Bears offensive coordinator.

I don’t know if he will come into the playoffs with the game plan after the bye week or before the bye week.

The difference is, before the bye, the Bears were 4-3 and the offense was way to advanced for Jay Cutler, the offensive line and the receivers. After the bye, the Bears were very conservative and Cutler threw intermediate-Kyle-Orton-like passes, he got the ball out of his hands quicker and made the receivers better and the offensive line better.

The defense is much better than I thought they were going to be as well. The defensive line has to be more of a factor, but they aren’t terrible. Israel Idonije has replaced Alex Brown as a dominant player off the edge.

Even though I see more positives than negatives with the Bears, I see the entire NFC landscape unpredictable. We will see how much of a question mark the conference is once we see who the Bears will play in a few weeks.

* I hope you had a great New Years Eve. My NYE was quiet. I hosted with John Greenberg of espnchicago.com on Jan 1 at 8 am. Two things that was good about that.

1. I didn’t get hammered so I was pretty clear headed for the show

2. The lack of traffic on New Years Day in the morning is wonderful.

* Did you see that Vivica Fox (HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Booty Call, Kill Bill Vol. 1) is getting married…again to some dude who’s 27. The 46 year old cougar,err, Fox was in that odd relationship with Fittttty Cent not to long ago.

When I was in Myrtle Beach in November, I heard an interview with her on the Ricky Smiley Morning Show and she seemed like she was happy with her relationship with her now fiance’ …congrats to her hope it works out for the Gary, IN native.

* I’ve been DVR-ing the Morning Drive show on Golf Channel with former ESPN employee Erik Kusilias and Gary Williams who I used to listen to on Sirius XM. They have just done a couple of shows, but I like it. I want to get into golf a little more this year. I’m searching for a golf dome to improve my swing. I’ve been in like a 2 year slump, so maybe I can get slightly more consistent in 2011…I doubt it though. But I do like the golf cart-drinking an cold one-watching others golf thing.

* I’ll write a separate blog on the world of wrestling. It was one year ago this week that TNA and WWE were going head-to-head on Monday nights. That was short lived. I’ll write about the issues plaguing TNA and WWE for that matter separately. Look for that.

Be right back….

* The water man just came by the house and said, “I was looking at the order…are you Jonathan Hood?” I’m thinking if the order said ‘Jonathan Hood’, wouldn’t I be Jonathan Hood? I said, ‘Yes I am’. He said, ‘but are you ‘Jonathan Hood from the Sco—..” I cut him right off and said I’ve been at ESPN 1000 for 6 years. …Well at least the water man knows me even though he doesn’t know what station and when I’m on. Oh well.

* Congrats to Randy Merkin for becoming the NEW Associate Program Director at ESPN 1000. I worked with Randy at the defunct One-On-One sports about 70 pounds ago. He is the man that provides great guests and show structure on the Tom Waddle/Marc Silverman show. Being a people person in this business is very important and goes a long way, having said that Randy will be great in his new position because he has all of those qualities and more.

I hope you have a great 2011 and continue to support the site!

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