Useful Tips to Design a Soccer Pennant from Home

Soccer season is in full swing, and even if you don’t have a team to root for this year, you can still show your support with a homemade pennant. The best part about making one yourself? You get to choose the colors and symbols that represent your home team or favorite player! Share these tips so you can make your own pennant from the comfort of your home.

Useful Tips to Design a Soccer Pennant from Home

Tips To Make Soccer Pennant At Home

Get a Ready-Made Pennant

If you’re looking to do something creative for the big game, have a look at this design project! You’ll start by getting an actual pennant and taking inspiration from it. The next move is cutting out your numbers – make sure one number is smaller than the previous so they stack up nicely on top of each other in layers. The next stage involves stitching: just follow along with what’s been cut out already before adding any designs or sewing patches onto your finished product.


This is an economical alternative to more expensive wood options. I have a small budget, but it doesn’t matter because dowel rods are inexpensive. It’s always smart to buy extra just in case something happens while you’re making your DIY project and don’t forget that they could break if handled too roughly or dropped on the ground after being cut with power tools like saws or sanders.

Although it is important to make sure the dowel isn’t too long, this can be tricky since each person has a different height. It’s best to use something like a branch trimmer or other hand tools for cutting so that you get an accurate cut of your desired size and shape. If making one as a gift for someone special in your life, such as children who are getting older but still not old enough yet, lower lengths should be considered because they’re easy and safe to handle – especially if they’ll need help from their parents; while using them!

To ensure accuracy when marking out the length on endpoints with sharpie markers before attaching the dowels into place (for example), try drawing lines that divide up sections at both 10cm intervals.

Use Duct Tape

Cut a 6-inch piece of duct tape in half. Take one strip and wrap it around the two points marked by a smaller black dot on your rod’s side, then use another to cover it up for added grip. This will keep you from sliding down or off while holding onto the pennant.

Don’t make the grip on your dowel too tight, or it might be difficult to remove when you’re done with a season. One pennant can last for more than one year, so don’t worry about making another down the road.

Soccer Pennants Importance

Soccer pennants are like flags that represent the countries and teams involved in a game. Without them, one might not know which team to cheer for or what country they’re from if you don’t speak their language! Soccer fans need soccer pennants during games because, without them, something is missing, whether watching at home with friends and family or attending an event live on-site. Read more about the benefits of soccer pennants and custom soccer team banners below:

Make Winners Identification Easier During Sport Event

Pennants have been an integral part of sports for a long time, during the time it was tied to horses, and winners would ride home after battles to today where teams proudly display their colors.

Brings Fun and Excitement

Imagine being on the sidelines at a college football game, cheering for your team to win. Whether you’re an athlete or just there as support, it’s essential to know which mascot is yours and their colors to show some solidarity with them.

Display Team Logo

Once made of felt with symbols or logos, Pennants waved to fans during games for fan support. Today, there are more durable materials that can display the team’s logo without stitching it on by hand.

Show Your Team Support

Make your voice heard, wear a team’s colors proudly. Support them in every game with custom soccer banners! You can customize the design and make it unique for yourself or as a gift for someone special, from small flags to large ones. 

A Sign Of Victory

Pennants are a symbol of victory. Sporting teams collect them, and their number indicates the number of times they’ve won in that sport, which serves as medals for each win over years to come.


In this blog post, we’ve discussed the process of making a soccer pennant from start to finish. We hope you found these tips helpful and that they will encourage you to make your own custom sports pennant for whatever team or sport is important in your life.